Babygirl name

Aspen • 21 ♊️ diabetic💉 fur babies 🐕🐹🐈 Army wife 06.01.18💪🏼 Lennyx Mitchel 2.17.19💙🤱

Last name will be Randolph .

I’m not pregnant lol

But i have always had my daughters name picked out since i only want one girl (i know it’s gods choice but ideally it would be all boys 1 girl)

My fiancée likes arreyella but doesnt like arreyella-rose because it’s too long .

I’m dead set on Elizabeth being her middle name because it’s mine and my mom gave it to me (from the Bible)

I can’t wait to have a babygirl .

But he wants to change the name. I’m not giving up Arreyella so we are just stuck between the two . Let me know !

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