Anyone Miscarry this January and TTC now?


Hi ladies, firstly, im so sorry for everyones loss. I mmc with cytotec/misoprostol 3 wks ago (Jan 5) and were given the green light by obgyn to start ttc again asap. I know our cycles might be out of whack but according to the ovia app, AF is due next week...Im really hoping we conceived this week though! Anyone in the same or similar boat?

does anyone see a faint line?? Im on CD27, based off of 1st day of mmc.

Heres are more tests from last night and this morning:

so confused because the pink HPT test from 1/23 was vvvfl. But yesterday and today the pink HPT seems negative but a clearblue plus HPT shows vvfl? I know its not residual HCG because my HPTs and OPKs went negative since 1/20.