AF no show

Ryan • Cain: Born April 27th 2016 Tulip: (miscarriage) forever in our hearts and mind. Pregnant with our beautiful rainbow baby, due September Roxy: coco mini poodle Prince: golden mini poodle All are my children I love so much

So my AF was supposed to visit me on the 18 but the bitch never showed up and I’m waiting for a surprise one when I least expect it, and her excuse is her phone was dead and couldn’t call me or the Mother Nature flight was delayed.

Serious note, when would be a good time to take a test, I am not good at either taking a test or reading them. I found out I was pregnant with my son at the ER when I thought I had pink eye (it was an eye allergy) and I’m having no symptoms of my period at all, but I have been tired, yabows hurt like hell, and feeling nauseous. I want to wait two more weeks before I do just in case. Or do you guys think I should take one as soon as possible?

Update: 1-26-18

I took the test and BOOM!! I’m so happy my man and I cried. This is our second child and our rainbow baby. BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!