so done with pregnancy!!


I'm so over the pains 24/7, the inability to eat evening meals with my husband and kiddies due to the one set of a crippling night of back and tum pains which is only getting worse the more pregnant I become, the sheer strain on my mental capability to drag this bump around for another week, the comments of "wow you look very pregnant!" no shit sherlock! 😣 I'm so done with it all, I just wanna sleep eat whenever I want and be able to actually move about without being in more pain than a oap.. sorry to moan just had a really shit day and I'm in the middle of a bad night of yet more no sleep endless pain! pray 6weeks hurrys the fuck up cos I'm not sure how much more I can endure without totally losing my remaining marbles!! pregnancy sucks arse sometimes it really does!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣