Confession time!!


I actually deleted my Facebook because I was so tired of seeing pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement. It would get so bad I would become overthrown with hatred and jealousy. I know it might sound silly but I would cry myself to sleep over it! It was like I just can’t escape it, so I decided for my mental health that was the best decision. For women actively trying to get pregnant with absolutely no success month after month with the overwhelming sense of disappointment, heartbreak and failure it really changes you, and when that’s all you think about pregnancy it’s literally everywhere you go and see I was just going crazy because that’s all I would ever think about because I am still TTC with no luck at all... Sorry guys, I just really needed to vent and especially having Endometriosis or any kind of infertility issue, you can lose positivity, faith and hope very easily. Just know if you have very been through this same pain you are totally not alone I completely get it and, it’s absolutely alright and healthy to vent! 😭😕☹️😣😟😔😞😒