I need some please. He broke my heart


I know I might get a lot of negative feed back because I’m still young but please understand me.

This morning my boyfriend texted me and then called me and told me he was breaking up with me I took it fairly well but now it’s been a few hours and I’m devastated I can’t stop crying. I know it sounds ridiculous since we were only together for 4/5 months also we’ve dated in the past briefly. Everything was perfect in our relationship he loved me I loved him we grow so much together but then he had to move to Florida with his brother and we’re from California mind you. So he told me he was leaving back in December and he left the first week of January and we’ve been good talking on the phone texting and face timing but last nite he went to the club with his brother and texted me this morning saying it’s too much, it too hard because I’m not there with him. But we’ve been planning on moving into together the last month. I was going to fly out to see him in March and he was going to see me in April then in May I was going move out there with him and now that’s all gone. He said that maybe we can try to make it work when he comes back here in May or if I go out there. Mind you I’m 18 years old and barely moving out my parents house he’s only 19 but he’s never really had a serious relationship and he told me that’s why he valued ours so much. So I don’t doubt his love. We texted each other after we got off the phone and we both said we love each other and hope the best for one another and the only thing bothering me is that he was still calling me babe in our last messages about the break up and it really didn’t hit me until now but I can’t stop crying I’ve been in a longer relationship before him and i never felt this way about anyone. I’ve known him since I was 13 and I remeber when I first seen him I knew that I would love him and would be with him. He’s not the type to talk about his feelings so once he started to about a month ago I knew he ment it. But I don’t know what to do I wish I could back to when everything was perfect. Because we were sooo happy and I’m sorry but idk what to do I love this man sooo much that it hurts. Please I need advice ASAP