Help please


okay so 3 days ago i finished my period, and today i have constantly been going to the bathroom, get discomfort when i pee (its like a slight pain mixed with a lil bit of burning) and when i wipe i get pink spotting.

Im 20 and since i was worried i decided to do some search and it says it can be either my body getting out residual blood, it may be an infection, it may be due to stress or i could be pregnant but still got my period(which happens).

Frankly the last option is what has me worried, you see 2 weeks ago my boyfriend visited me and we did just the tip, i know from past experiences hes not one to precum but you may never know.

Im worried i may have somehow gotten pregnant, cause you can get pregnant by foing just the tip. We are both poor, and if it turns out i am i dont know what i would do.

Im giving this a few days to see if its just residual blood, if not im going to the doctors, but if i do go im really scared to know the answer