kaylin • keepin' it groovy

okay sO i've lowkey had a crush on this guy for a while but i have no idea how to talk to him!! we've talked a good amount of times just bc he's talkative & we see each other often, but i wouldn't consider us friends or anything. i reallyyy want to be closer w him but i'm so bad at that! i'm friends w one of his friends who's a girl but i'm not really friends w any of his guy friends. currently the only chance i have to talk to him is wednesdays at our church youth group thing, but lacrosse season at our school just started & ofc practices are on wednesday so he's not at youth group except the last like 30 minutes. could anyone give me tips on how i can get closer w him or something? :)

here's just stuff abt his personality or whatever lol:


-good music taste

-wouldn't consider him popular but he does have a lot of friends

-class clown

-ik nobody has a crush on him lol

-can be sweet

-gr8 personality

-easy to talk to when we have convos,, i just don't know how to start them. he's started the majority of our convos.