I’ve been in love with this man for 5 years we are about to move in together and we went on our annual hunting trip with his family didn’t think much of it till SURPRISE!!!! He was on his knee on the most beautiful mountain! It was perfect private and special!! He said I know we’ve made so many memories over the years and that they were memories he would never want with anyone else and the only thing that feels right is when we are together and that he wanted to make a lifetime of memories with me and asked if I wanted the same! Of course I said about time!!! Lol then started crying and said yes! I knew we are young but GOD are we just something else when we are together!

Plus it was freezing and he kept asking why I was wearing the gloves still and I said I’m not taking them off it’s way to cold haha

This was the view from the mountain

He did a good job didn’t he!!! I didn’t know how important this tall skinny kid would be to me when he walked into my math class sophomore year (his freshman year)