Husband says no more baby


Yup. I just received PregPrep and he said he didn’t want to try anymore. It’s only been three weeks of actively trying. Past three days I’ve gotten a “HIGH FERTILITY” with my OPK and he seemed to be excited with me. And tonight - he told me he is starting a new job next month and he can’t be missing work, we can’t afford a baby, and stuff like that.... all of a sudden. Out of nowhere. We went out to dinner with his sister and his parents - everything was fine and then he says this when we get home. I just looked at him and said “okay”. I really feel sad about this. Like ... I’m devastated. I’m not mad - just really sad. I don’t have friends in real life - I relocated 1600 miles away from home (two hour time difference from family) and don’t have anyone to vent to ... just him. And he seems to have his mind made up.

End vent.