Third times the charm, right? Update!

GUYS. I don’t post here a lot, but love to read everyone else’s posts. But today I’ve got some semi exciting news!

After I had my daughter, I tried for six years to have another child before my son came along. Lots of disappointments along the road & one miscarriage. He is now 16 months old. Hubby & I decided ‘one more’ about two months ago. Thanks to Glow, I’ve really got my ovulation & period tracking down.

So here it is the 25th of January & still no period. I’m only ab 5 days late, but this hasn’t happened to me, with the help of this app, like ever.

I’m very excited to take a test in the next few days & hopefully get a BFP. I was truly prepared for another hard road but right now, in this moment, I see the light!

Sprinkle some baby dust my way, ladies. Sure could use it!

Took my daughter to the doctor this morning. She has the flu! So when we went to WM to pick up TamiFlu, I thought lemme grab a test.

Bigger than crap ab 5 seconds after:

So here’s to baby #3!

Thanks everyone!