I love you but im not in love with you?????

These words were spoken to me and it left me really confused. My boyfriend of almost 6 years spoke these word and i really think the things he said along with those words is what really has me confused. He told me that he is not in love and havent been for a while but he loves me and dont want to let me go. He said at this time he doesnt want to be in a relationship but he wants a future with me and wants us to have a family. So i asked him why have he been stringing me along if he felt like this and he responded by saying he strung me along because he felt like if he told me how he felt that he would lose me forever. I am so confused by the conversation and im bothered by it. I just dont understand. Does anyone knows what he could possibly mean by that. I just really feel like he is confused and not sure if he wants me or not but he dont want to let me go then regret it