symptom spotters


we decided to try for baby number 5. so november/December was out first month ttc.. we had sex soooo much.. i noted anything that could be a symptom during my tww.. strange smells.. bad wind... cervical mucus.. cervical position..i was pretty sure i would be pregnant i felt it, even extra tired! and then right on time af came i was disheartened but it was the first month. anyway i sucked it up it was xmas and the last 2 weeks my husband would hve off before returning to work away only home 3 days in the month.. so i knew if it didnt happen this month chances would be slim to get the timing right. we had sex evety day through what glow said was fertile although i hadnt had my usual pains.. tgen three days out of my window i woke at 1am with pains so woke husband the pain was awful but i sucked it up and carried on. . after o my boobs start to hurt as usual.. and during my tww i was looking for symptoms but nothing.. boobs eveb stopped hurting around 10dpo and i had a neg test.. no cm and cervix was sooo low and hard there was no way i was preg right?? wrong!! 12dpo i tested again looked negative so through it away but couldnt help but double check and hour later and there was somthing.. now at 5 weeka 4 days i have white cm horrendoes boobs and cervix pretty much blens in with my vagina walls. so what im saying is there isnt always symptoms everyone is different.. good look to ll those ttc and i sent baby dust to you all x