Anxiety/ Trouble sleeping


I have had trouble sleeping since I found out i was pregnant. I am now 10w3days. I think it's because I have alot of my plate what with a house purchase and now we doing loads of work to it before we move I whilst living at in laws. I am also v busy at work and have a deadline for a qualification coming up which i am trying to get. Recently work have been adding more pressure onto me. I work in property and have to do inspections as part of my job. At the end of August last year i was on my way home from doing inspections and was involved in a car crash, writing off my car in the process. Thankfully apart from some whiplash i was ok but the mental impact is taking longer to heal and I am struggling to get out on the roads and now i have inspections which are overdue. A new guy overseeing part of my portfolio for one client is being a particular problem as he is nice to your face then stabs you the back by bitching to superiors about you. My direct boss is pretty useless but he has warned me about this but my but then my boss didnt advise me correctly on something i had been dealing with and I got blamed by my bosses boss for all of it. Needless to say the increase i was due hasnt come through despite it being promised as i am paid same as a male colleague who does a lesser role. This has all contributed to making anxiety and sleep issues worse and I have to go back to work tomorrow as its monday. As i havent had 12w scan yet i havent told work i am pregnant yet but they also have a history of not responding well when you tell them. Any coping strategies or ways to help me sleep would be great!!!