Is this normal? Can I ever have sex?

I'm a virgin and a few days ago I started getting frisky with my boyfriend. I never put anything inside my pussy when I masturbate either. Then when he was about to finger me I felt a tinge of pain so I told him to stop.

Slowly I managed to put his pinky finger inside and it didn't hurt but he looked so shocked and said, "what you're so tight"

And I asked him, "is it not supposed to be like that?"

He said, "i don't know i've never had this before it's even tight for my pinky finger there's no way I could fit in there"

And his dick is not that big. Just average. I know because I've watched so many porn before too.

And in certain positions it still hurts too even with one little finger. What can I do?

I'm 19 and he's 20 so I'm not too young for this but I don't know if he'll ever fit 😬