I want to get married !!!


we got engaged December 2016 and I want to just be married, a registry office wedding just for the formality, I don't care about a big fancy wedding I just want to be husband and wife. I recently said to my fiance can we get married next year? I want to be married before we have another baby so we all have the same name. he said no he absolutely doesn't want a registry office wedding, he wants a nice wedding that costs money, he's worried that his side of the family will see him as a cheapskate if we just do a registry office wedding. I got a bit upset saying the cost and look of the wedding doesn't mean anything to me, he said he doesn't want a registry office wedding and that he wants to give me a nice wedding! I know he is only being thoughtful but even though I've told him that the marriage means more to me than an expensive wedding he doesn't seem set on changing his mind, and now it looks like it's going to be years until we have the money for the wedding he wants for me.