Going crazy!


Hey ladies 👋🏼

My last period was November 10th. In December, around the 17-18th, I had some bleeding and light discomfort. Having previous miscarriages, I headed to the emergency room. The did ultrasound and found nothing. They did blood work and I had small amounts of HCG which told the doc that I was either really early in my pregnancy or at the very end. He sent me home and chalked it up as a miscarry. I’ve miscarried before and it was much worse, more blood and unbearable pain and this time was different. I felt in my heart that I wasn’t miscarrying but instead of sounding crazy, kept my mouth closed. January came but my period did not. I waited a good 15 days and tested again...sure enough, positive! I went to a local women’s clinic to have my pregnancy confirmed and scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN. I see the doctor Wednesday and have an ultrasound Friday. In the meanwhile, it’s driving me nuts not knowing if I’m 11 weeks and never miscarried or if I’m 6 weeks and did miscarry. So while waiting not so patiently to find out for sure...any mommas know of any symptoms between the 4 weeks that differ? Or know of any other way I could possibly find out? Thanks in advance 😍