advice with ex?


i had a breakup almost a year ago. we dated for about six months. he initiated it, but wanted to try again immediately after and i said no. over last summer, we spoke a few times, and last fall we had dinner and i returned a book of his. after that dinner, he asked if we could talk about getting back together, and i said no, that i just wanted to be friends and that i was seeing other people. he said he had to think about whether he could handle that, and hasn't spoken to me since. that was several months ago. he is a supervisor at a coffee shop right next to my university (it's the closest, nicest one), and i was wondering if it was necessary for me to avoid going there. i tried my best to be friends with him, but i feel weird intruding on his work space when he obviously doesnt want to be friends with me. any advice?

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