6 dpo but I’m impatient 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Ok so I’m roughly 6dpo and I know that today is literally the earliest that I could have implantation... but I’m obviously I’m already tired of waiting. For the past two days I have had strong smelling urine not bad smelling necessarily but just strong, which is super abnormal for me because I have lived with a chronic bladder condition for a while but it has been under control with my diet and drinking plenty of water. So I know that it’s not that, and I don’t have any pain so I definitely don’t think it’s an infection. I’m pretty in tune with my body so I notice small changes. know I’m reaching but I was reading an article about how hcg can cause a smell to your urine in the early stages of pregnancy hat most people don’t notice as a symptom until their second pregnancy. This is what made me think to take a test. This pictwas taken within the time frame and was not taken with fmu. So in person I thought I could see maybe a shadow of something when I looked at it at an angle but I concluded that I thought it was negative I just wanted a second set of eyes to take a look and give me theories. I have promised myself I won’t test again until I’m 14dpo lol