Recommendations for natural energy boosters?


I’ve been on Adderall for a few years which has always helped me to not feel tired throughout the day (duh... but not speeding, just not falling asleep at my desk)- I also like to drink energy drinks or coffee to help me get through the day. I know sleep is important and I’m sure I’m getting enough, but I’m really scared I’m gonna struggle really badly to get through the workday while pregnant. I just found out yesterday with a BFP and I think I’m about 5 weeks along- I ran out of my Adderall and may not refill because some sources say it’s terrible to take while pregnant. Other sources say low dose is ok. I’ll talk to my doctor but for now, does anyone have recommendations for something to eat or drink for natural energy? I know it’s okay to have 1-2 cups of coffee while pregnant but I doubt that will do much for my energy level. Maybe certain fruits or smoothies or something? I’m stressing about this and haven’t been back to work to see how it goes (was on vacation :/ )... thanks!!