so I just had a baby four months ago and my period has be wacky in October I started my period again but had it for almost a month and then had it twice in November December only five days and Jan it never came I took three test all negative but I feel a stringy cord like in my lower belly am I going nuts idk what to think I haven't felt tired or anything but I feel bloated and my veins are pretty visible should I test again or what with my son I tested early and got a positive as early as five weeks I honestly don't want another baby so soon I have to much going on in life with school being full time and my son who is still young I really don't wanna have another baby my body can't handle another pregnancy I've been pregnant two years in a row my daughter passed away Oct 2016 and Feb I found out about my son and had him September but due to ic I'm high risk and would be on bestest I can't afford that right now I only have 6 months left before I'm licensed cosmetologist what do you ladies think am I or am I just overthinking