Scary birth


Finally get to post my birth I got a membrane sweep done 39 weeks on a Friday I was 3cm 50% effaced n went home felt fine then Saturday morning started feeling contractions with a bloody show but the contractions were not close together or had any pattern..waited and 10pm started having them regular so I went to L&D; was there for 2 hours with regular strong contractions but they sent me home because I didn’t dilate any further was told to take Benadryl and lay down

frustrated and upset I left went home layed down and took Benadryl 10 mins later got the strongest contractions back to back and felt the urge to poop so I went to the bathroom pooped a little and threw up and at that point I said nope going back to the doctor so went back to the hospital in so much pain and when she checked me I was 4cm and she decided to keep me after 1 hour of painful labor with no medication besides IV fluids she checked me again and I was 7 cm

And thought to my self I’m almost there I can push through with no pain meds ..

after about 7 long painful contractions I felt the urge to push I was yelling at my doctor to break my water so I can push thing I know I felt a pop and the “ring of fire” which I thought was a myth but it isn’t lol and I pushed 3 times and out comes baby but with the cord around her neck

I immediately panicked as he unraveled the cord everything became dead silent and my heart sunk looking at my lifeless baby no cry no movement no nothing he cut the cord and they rushed her over to the table to clear her airways... I was screaming is she okay is she okay and the nurse told me yes I just need to relax I felt like she was lying to me just so I can relax..until I finally heard a little cry from my baby girl the joy that filled my heart with that one little sound is so amazing I kissed my husband and we both cried looking at our baby girl amazed that she’s actually here..6 pounds 5 ounces 17 inches long baby Amira was born and healthy ..for some reason this app won’t let me upload any pictures 😒

But that’s my scary with a happy ending birth story