SAHM is a job too ❤️


*This post is not putting women that get a paycheck down. I️ admire them and wish to be admired the same. We both provide, just in a different fashion!* I wish people didn’t use the word “luxury” when referring to SAHM’s .. it makes it sound like all day we’re kicking back with our feet up, having brunch with friends, running to go get mani pedis. Being a SAHM is in fact a job, just not paid with money. Cooking, cleaning, making sure everyone has everything they need for the day. Then doing it all over again and again and again. I’m the last one up at night until every spill is cleaned, every tummy is full, and every dish is washed. I’m the first one up making sure breakfast is ready, lunch is packed, and nothing is forgotten. Then it’s off to cleaning the smeared toothpaste on the sink, picking up the night clothes, washing the messy grits and bacon dishes, paying the bills, running to the grocery store, making sure dinner is at least in the process of being made before my love gets home. As a SAHM I’m a maid, a partner, a nourisher, a cook, and a caregiver all in one. What am I️ paid with? Smiles, happiness, and gratefulness that i choose be so many things in one day, every day. So no, I️ don’t believe it’s a luxury at all. Is it nice seeing your kid every day all day? Yes, but 9x/10, spending all day giggling and playing usually isn’t in the cards. I️ ask for extremely little: to be appreciated and to be recognized as a woman that in fact does work, not a “luxurious” job but rather so a tiresome wonderful one, from the heart at home. ❤️❤️❤️ p.s. ..... to all you single mommas that do these things PLUS manage to be away from home being the moneymaker as well, you’re not forgotten!!! ALL mommy’s deserve recognition and appreciation 🤗