So here is my story-I married my husband December 2016 and we have been trying to conceive since then. I fell pregnant last September but it was ectopic resulting in my Fallopian tube being removed😔 this was a difficult time. However since then we had to wait 2 normal cycles before trying to conceive again, meaning that this month we could try again. However I know that this is completely not my husbands fault but we have just been on holiday I’m a shared room with my parents, meaning no baby dancing...the bad news is that I started ovulating whilst we were away. We got back last Tuesday so still within my fertile period, and not once has my husband made any effort. He said he was tired, and his skin was hurting him as he suffers with eczema...all these stupid reasons. It’s made me feel pretty crappy and that’s now another month wasted. I am so annoyed. Its like he doesn’t care but I know he doesn’t. Just very frustrating. I know I shouldn’t feel like this but a lot of the time I feel that sex and intimacy shows love too. Any way that’s my moan over with!