In-Law Rant!!


My In laws are starting to get on my nerves! I know it’s probably mostly my new-Mom hormones but I still need to rant about this somewhere.

My daughter is 2 months old and ever since she was born my MIL has been obsessed with holding her. Like every time she’s in the same room as the baby she needs to be the one holding her. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t put the car seat down when we get there because I know MIL will immediately try to take her out, which bugs me for some reason?

MIL never asks if she can hold her, she just puts her hands out and expects it. My daughter is very fussy/colicky/refluxy so whenever she’s moved into a new position or handed to a new person she almost always starts crying. Of course you’d think if the baby is screaming it’s head off you would give it back to its mother right? Nope. MIL insists on bouncing/shushing/etc etc etc until I finally have to just remove my daughter from her arms. Even when FIL is holding baby and she starts crying, MIL will say “do you want me to try?” Like no, that’s the moms job? Then I finally get her back, feed her, she finally calms down/sometimes falls asleep (which is fine.. great even because she’s very overstimulated with my IL’s passing her back and forth and sticking their faces in hers every second she’s awake. Like hello she’s not going to bond with you at this point and I promise she will know who you are as she gets older even if you DONT shove your face at her when she’s an infant).

Then baby is finally not crying and they think that means they get to hold her again? As if we’ve learned nothing from the screaming that happened when she was passed off before? And heaven forbid the baby falls asleep. They always act so disappointed when my baby sleeps. MIL will walk up to me and talk to the baby SO LOUDLY so she wakes up.. and cries again.. thank you so much

Literally last time I was feeding baby under my nursing cover she fell asleep and I just pretended she was still eating and left the cover on so no one would try to take my child from me.

When my daughter was not even 2 weeks old my MIL was pressuring me and hubs to go out for coffee or something so she could watch the baby. The first time I said something like “yeah eventually...” but when she brought it up the second time I firmly said no that’s not going to happen and she hasn’t brought it up since, but I’m still so paranoid/anxious about it. I can’t stand the thought of leaving my baby with anyone, never mind my in laws who seem a bit obsessed with making the baby love them.

Anyone else have these problems? I really do love my in laws but my mother bear instincts are HUGE!