How was the second time around?

Mama Bear

I’m trying to make this birth experience better than my first. Without going into too much detail I think I didn’t really experience birth the way I had hoped because of how much anxiety and worry I had going into it the first time. I was happy my baby was ok and healthy but I didn’t feel emotionally like I should have. I also didn’t sleep much during my hospital stay so that could have contributed to it as well. On the other hand, having been through it before though I feel much better now and kind of know what to expect so I’m not as anxious or feel as worried as I did before. It helps to talk to other moms as well.

Is there anything you did differently for your second birth in hopes of making your experience more comfortable?

Did you keep everything the same?

How did the two births compare? I know every birth is different, but did you feel like the second was easier in any way?

What kinds of things do you plan to do differently if you haven’t yet given birth to your second?

Would love to hear your thoughts!