I go thru an look at all these test an my heart goes out to everyone including myself we're all here for the same reason we want our bfp we want our lil baby weather this baby #1 or baby #5 in between or higher number we all can relate but seeing everyone's bfp is so exciting an it not even my baby at the same time I get depressed am sad like why can't I get pregnant yes I have 3 beautiful kids my fiancée has 3 beautiful kids that I love as my own we got pregnant an lost our baby at 10 weeks pregnant in nov an been tryin since it's so heartbreaking. We obviously love kids we have 6 total we want more because we have so much love to go around. We haven't been tracking this month an he has been thinking about it because last night he said I know u have ovulated I'm sure by now he said will u please update ur calendar on everything all the sex days an this an that he sat there with me until I did it he finally broke down about losing our baby in nov he cried he actually finally opened up he said I've been wanting to talk about this but I don't want you to fall back into a depression he said but I need to get it off my chest I can't keep holdin it in an he jus completely opened up so we agreed that will will go back to tracking but actually enjoying our sex life an not let it b like a chore again no more I'm ovulating we have to have sex an make plans to have sex but jus doing it because we need that bond with one another