Something just feels different

Allison • 26. Married for 4 years. 22mo 👦🏼. 1 angel baby 👶🏼. 🤰🏼🌈 due in Nov2018

Hi sweet ladies! We are currently trying to conceive our 3rd baby..our sweet rainbow baby. My period is officially late ( I have a short LP though) and y’all I just feel something is different. Does that make sense? My cervix is super super high and soft. My boobs ache. And I just feel different. I caved and took a test today (even though I totally knew it was going to be negative) I tweaked them and held them up to the sun. Part of me thinks there may be the faintest of lines and the other part of me its fine because I just know God has already got this started for us and we will get our blazing one later this week. Am I crazy for thinking this?