Announcement to my fiancé

We have been ttc to after a miscarriage for a little while now. And I don’t know for sure if I am actually pregnant yet. I feel I am but it’s still too early to test. Few more days to wait.

My fiancé and I are super simple laid back people. Give us some decent weather and a pair of hiking sneakers and we can spend the whole day in the woods with our 4 year old daughter.

Ever since we started to try again and haven’t been able to conceive as quickly as before, and when it’s time to BD we always have said “time to plant your seeds!” And now with texting we’ve added the seedling emoji. Half the time I just send him 🌱 and the message is sent that tonight its going down.

I could have gotten super cutesy and actually done this on the computer but since we don’t have a printer at home I just went the easy way out and thankfully I’m not the WORST at doodling. Not close to an artist but he’ll think it’s awesome.

I’ve seen a lot of announcement ideas and I loved them all but none felt like they worked for him and I.

So here’s to hoping I actually get to give this to him in a week or so maybe 😍

God now I wish I actually had good handwriting too 😂 I write like I’m twelve.

There’s still a chance I will redo this to attempt to make it “neater”