Dry crappy Facial skin

Katie • My name is Kate and I just gave birth to our beautiful daughter February 17th 2016. She is our world and we couldn`t feel anymore blessed❤ I am currently pregnant with our July 2018 baby!

So I developed pretty dry facial skin about 10 or so months after having my daughter. She is now a couple weeks shy of 2. The dry facial skin is still hanging around and Im in dire need of an amazing moisturizer. Idk if its a hormonal thing or what but, I hate it. I had all my blood work done at the very start of this pregnancy and thyroid and everything looked good they said. So Im not sure if I should see a dermo or wait until after I have the baby to do that. Maybe Ive just developed dry skin and idk how to handle it because Ive always been oily. Any help or products would be greatly appreciated