Can’t I have both!?!?!?


Ok- so we are ttc- haven’t been trying for long, but as much as I want to get pregnant, I want sex to feel good for me too! I mean, it’s always “fun” but I want to oragasm and have phenomenal sex like we do when he wears a condom. (He lasts longer when we use one, and I can almost always get off) But- since we are ttc, we don’t want to use a condom, ovbs. but he always finishes so fast that way! I’m starting to feel like I can’t have it both ways- it feels like it’s either “great sex/orgasms, and not have kids” or “have kids, but sex is always more fun for him, and I jut get sore.”

Has anyone else had this issue? We’ve thought about trying it half with a condom, and after I’m feeling good, take it off, and it’s his turn- but I’m not sure of that is just me being selfish- and if that would kill the mood. Any thoughts or insights or advice would be welcomed!!

Ps- (I’m not upset or frustrated at my husband- he’s completely supportive of me, and feels bad about getting “too excited” too quickly- he keeps telling me that it is in no way selfish of me to want that- he wants me to get off too, we just can’t seem to figure it out!)