Doctor confirmed baby is gone. 😭


So I went to the doctor today after this horrible weekend of blood and clots. Praying it wasn’t a miscarry despite what I felt. The doctor confirmed it. No heart beat and my baby stopped growing at 7 weeks 5 days. I was supposed to be 9 weeks 1 day today. My baby passed away 9 days after I heard the heart beat! The baby does not want to come out of my body. The baby is at its normal position despite this weekend. The doctors are going to do a D & E to remove the baby and clean my uterus.

I’m beyond upset. Knew this was in my family history just had high hopes beings I was this far. But sadly little did I know you died what seems like forever ago.

I got a wonderful picture of you despite your passing.

Forever in my heart my baby Blip!

❤️ RIP Blip ❤️