So frustrated

Every time I make plans with my friends my SO leaves. (We have one car). I've set up play dates for our baby and have had to cancel all of them because he leaves. When I ask him where he is going or what he is doing he never tells me instead he asks me why . . . Like wtf is that ? I can't even put words to how fucking annoying that is. He never texts me or calls me to let me know he made it. He'll be gone for over 24 hours and won't contact me at all to at least let me know he is okay and won't be coming home tonight. I literally have to call him at 3am and be like ummm did you die? But whenever I go somewhere he wants to know every single detail where I'm going who I'm with how long I'm going to be there etc etc etc every time I bring it up it turns into an argument so I don't bring it up because I don't want to fight in front of my baby. But I'm so over this. Idk if its ego or insecurities or if it's just a "man thing" but I can't deal with it anymore. 😢 oh and every time I ask him to do something for me he says why can't you do it ? Or I'll do it later. But when he ask me to do something he wants it done at that moment.