C section or vaginal birth?

Marisa • 1/28/16 💙👪 🌈 🌈

With my first baby i had to have an emergency c section because my sons heart rate was dropping. It’s now been two years since then and I’m pregnant with #2 and they are giving me the option if i want another c section again or not. I was always told when you have a c section you’ll have to have one with your other pregnancy. I’m having a hard time making up my mind and want to hear what other people think about this 😊 i never got to experience a vaginal birth ( didn’t get to push or even have a contraction) i was being induced and was in the hospital for maybe an hour till babies heart dropped (cord was wrapped around his neck FOUR times!) I’m scared of something like that happening again also. Any advice or your stores would be helpful thank you!