Mumma’s with baby’s with downs


So just received a call that baby has a 1 in 293 chance of downs regardless I’m keeping my little boy , but I just so happened to have a gender scan today where I was told I’m holding extra fluid for gestation, is this a symptom you get if baby has Down syndrome ? I have councillors app thurs but don’t even want to go because I will not terminate or do amniocentesis with a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage when I’d be keeping him regardless. They suggested the harmony test I can’t afford that , now my partner said if he was to have it he would rather terminate . I’m so lost and confused. Mind you 9 years ago I was told my daughter had. 1 in 99 chance and i didn’t donfurther testing and she come out with out it . Sorry if I’m wording things wrong no means am I trying to put ppl down or whatever . Scared and confused mum looking for advice I guess . This is my 5th baby I’m 35