Am I Pregnant???? 😩😩😩

So the Friday before Last I started spotting but only when I wiped, it was light pink up until that Saturday evening. I then went to the bathroom and noticed that it the spotting went to like a very light period type. Like the last day of your my cycle and it was no longer pink it was red.

β€’ I did have very light cramping when I first started spotting but then it stopped.

So I thought I was starting my period early so I put a tampon in and when I went to change it a couple hours later it was nothing there.

Now, today My period is 3 days late! Could I be pregnant ??? Baby Dust to ALL!

β€’ I occasionally get dull cramping, nothing serious and nothing painful ... I’m very emotional now and my nipples are sore. Oh and I keep getting 1 weird hiccup a few times a day.