Okay Ladies!!! Need some guidance.

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So I posted yesterday about a vvfl on a First signal (Walmart 88¢) pregnancy test. It was within 2-3 minutes the line one the top picture pronounced itself. There is not much color to it. Actually hardly any at all at the moment. I am 12 days late. I know that you are NOT supposed to look at them after the time frame recommended on the instructions for it will be invalid. I kept it simply

to give me a little bit of insight. The bottom picture (left) it is tweaked after it dried. The bottom right is it dried completely( I was curious if the more it dried , the more color would be added

. I was curious on what anyone's thoughts are on this and if they have had a similar experience. I am hoping to have a BFP soon with our rainbow baby. I haven't taken a test in two days, I am honestly terrified of seeing a BFN.

Thank you in advanced ladies!!💕✨

Faith, Trust , and a little bit of baby dust! ✨