First day of work !!

I’m 16 and got a job at a local doctors office ! I’m so excited today was my first day and I was so happy the whole day. And I’m usually shy and I was super outgoing at work. My boyfriend called me when he got out of school (2:45) and I started work at 3. So at 2:50 I got a call from him and I was confused but I answered and he said he was walking out of his school gates and was gonna text me but it was easier to call and I’d know you’d like to talk on the phone. And he said have a good day baby I love you so much. And I was driving at the time and he first asked to make sure he was on Bluetooth so I wasn’t on my phone while driving. He did this and just felt so lucky to have him by my side for the last year and 8 months! 💖💝💕😘❤️💕💝💖😘💝