Did I do the right thing??


Am I crazy or nah??

So I go to bed between 11-11:30. My bf and I are in college. He has a single room. I get ready for bed and my bf is playing Xbox. I’m like omg wtf I’m going to bed. I fall asleep and I wake up again bc he’s trying to touch me and turn me on bc he’s horny like boy wtf??? I’m sleeping!!!! gtfo! I don’t get mad but I’m like um I want to go to bed. He’s like I never gave you a massage bc my back is fucked from sleeping on a twin mattress with him for like 2 weeks in a row. I’m like I want to sleep and he says it will help you sleep and I don’t have to do anything. so I’m like super relaxed and then he starts touching me I’m like wtf are you doing?? I’m tired he’s like well I’m horny. Like EXCUSE ME I want to go to bed but then he keeps touching me and I end up liking it but damn wtf just want to sleep otherwise I’ll be cranky in the morning. He’s about to you know put it in and I’m like omg stop I want to sleep and he’s like I’m horny!! And he’s like “you drive me fucking crazy when you do this. You always get mad when we do it” and again he tries putting it in and I’m like omfg get off of me I want to sleep and he’s like “omg don’t waste it!” “You always do this omg!” I told him I have the right to say stop when I want to and when I’m uncomfortable. it’s now like 12:30am and he’s like begging and I’m like “look, I don’t want to do it and you do so if I let you finish then you’ll be using me. I feel used” I said you just want to get off, you have other means of that. Use your hand” and he’s like “yeah I can use my hand but will you let me finish” I’m thinking “oh my freakin God do you hear yourself??” So he’s like gtfo the bed!! He lays there for like 10 mins. He’s like you’re not sleeping here. So I said I’m gonna pack my shit up for the morning and leave then. So I start packing and then I lay down on his stupid cushion bean bag thing and he’s like: what are you doing? And said: you said I can’t sleep in your bed” and he says “well I’m not mad anymore” and he then apologizes and we go to bed. he really thinks an apology will fix it? I told him I need to do what’s best for me and I’m spending the night in my room and more frequently. We fight a lot because he can’t take no for an answer and spend too much time together.

Soo am I ridiculous for saying no and not letting him finish when I didn’t want to do it in the first place? I wanted to sleep and he started 😡.