kidney stones and Crohn's while ttc **update**!

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at the ER right now with a kidney stone and Crohn's flare up! not fun at all! got a BFN on my pregnancy test. 😭😭😭😭😭 and next I have to go to get a CT of my abdomen. please pray that if it was just too early to catch a BFP and my bean will be OK!

well I'm back home, kinda sorta better. I still have a 2cm kidney stone stuck in my left kidney, a tiny 3mm stone in my right kidney, a 5mm cyst on my left kidney where the ureter connects to the kidney. and I'm back in stage 2 kidney disease/failure. sounds much worse than it actually is! I worked hard to get my kidneys healthy and for about 6 months I was completely out of the stage 2 category and had normal function. ugh I guess I'm back to square one with my big dumb kidneys! thanks for the good thoughts and prayers!