So I have had two appointment in the beginning of the month due to pelvic pain. The first on they just checked symptoms and did an exam. Second appointment they did a pelvic ultrasound. After both appointments they had no idea what could be the reason for the pain. I was still stuck with this terrible pain and no answers to why. I then scheduled an appointment for the 25 of January to get my IUD taken out. I was told that the IUD was half way out of where it was suppose to be. The days since the removal I have had no pain. On the 29th I took an ovulation test in hopes and it was positive for ovulation. I had no periods while having the IUD so I had no idea when I would be ovulating. I then turned to google (I know bad idea) and it said that a ovulation can show positive for pregnancy as well. Is it crazy to be thinking this could be a possibility?? This is even crazier and way too soon I think but my 1 year old keeps pointing at my stomach. Help me please, I am so confused.