Sexual past


Long explanation, but please, any constructive advice would be helpful. My boyfriend can't get over the fact that I slept with someone before I even met him (yrs before). It can be considered a one-night-stand. Physically I did finish and so did he, but I didnt like the experience so I didnt go back. In my defense he was a rotten person and it never should've happened, but at the time I was young, naive, and didn't realise what I was doing. I even regret the decision myself, but my boyfriend won't let it go. I told him and have shown in our relationship no desire or intention of going back to that lifestyle and do everything for him to please him. We both don't drink or go out. We're each other's best friends. The arguments have lasted about 2 months and hurt so much because of the hurtful things he says to me. He tells me that only the lowest of low ppl would do that sort of thing and he's disappointed that he would stoop to that level to date someone like that. He says I don't have his morals and that I'm trash. Let me also say that he has also had sexual relations before me, but he actually enjoyed it in the long run! I'm not upset about it anymore although it did effect me at the beginning. I've accepted him for who he is fully. We've had some very hurtful conversations that have brought so many tears. I don't know what to do now. Please any advice or input would help. Thanks for listening.