Insight please

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Alright so this cycle I wasn’t actually TTC because I have plans to do that next cycle. Well yesterday I saw a bit of pink on the toilet paper when I wiped and then nothing else so I was like “UTI” maybe. No UTI so I got over it until today. This morning hubby was trying to have sex with me but I’m not in a sexual mood at all but he was still of course trying and I was just dry. He eventually gave up and took a shower. Aw poor him. Once I got a chance I headed into the bathroom after him and wash my hands and checked my cervix because I’ve been experiencing a lot of cramping these past couple of days and I checked my cervix and saw some brown discharge. Not a ton but some. Could this be from hubby trying to screw this morning? Or should I go get checked out? I’ve never had brown discharge before my period before and it’s actually more tan than brown. Like a very pale brown. I’m going to set an appointment. Any feedback would be great if anyone has experienced anything like this. I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong room. Wasn’t sure where to post.