Back to work tomorrow 😩

Shauna • Married 💏 Work for the NHS 🏥 Mummy to our beautiful son Ciarán born April 2nd 2014 💙 & our new beautiful daughter Ana born August 11th 2018 💜

So I’m a full time junior analyst at my local hospital and after 7 weeks of being off with Hyperemesis gradivum I’m back to work tomorrow. I am being placed on half days for a week but I’m still on my anti nausea and anti sickness meds so I’m super nervous 😣

On the upside though today me and my hubby put down money on baby’s pram and car seat 😍 then we went and spoilt our biggest baby with a whole new wardrobe of clothes, a pair of trainers and some new welly boots 💙 so a very productive day today before the madness starts tomorrow x