am i being petty?


So today i was hangin out with my bf and he had to leave, he kissed me goodbye and i accidentally started to say “i love you” but i stopped myself at “i lo-“, he got all wide eyed and said “what??” And i said “what?” And he said it sounded like you were gonna say “i love you” and was like freaking out about it in the bad kind of way, shaking his head and looking legit terrified. I said no i wasnt i didnt say anything, well an hour before he left i gave him head and he was talking about how i was so good at it and stuff. But then when i accidentally almost said i love you he started “joking” about how he would leave me and everything. We’ve been dating for 2 months and i know its too early but it kinda just came out because i do care about him a lot, and his reaction with him joking that he would break up with me kinda hurt... am i just being petty?

He does treat me very well, takes me out to lunch all the time and always makes time for me even if its just a short phone call