Baby Shower 🙄👎🏻

Cora • Girl Mom | Irish Twins

Ya know, the whole point of having someone else plan your baby shower is so you don’t have to worry or stress about it.

You’d think I’d be aware of that...


My aunt VOLUNTEERED to plan my baby shower. That’s fine with me. I let her. It’s supposed to be February 18th, and there’s been literally no invites or anything. Apparently a text alert is a good substitute for physical invites. I wanted one for memories. This is my first child. But no🙄

My boyfriends mom has texted my aunt multiple times because she’s wanted to help plan it. And my aunt has never texted her back. It makes me so mad.

And nobody has gotten anything off our registry yet.

As of right now, my boyfriends family is more excited than my family. They want to buy all the stuff on the registry. At least they care.

And it’s like my family only started caring when a BABY was mentioned 🤷🏻‍♀️

Clearly I prefer my boyfriends family right now. They’re nicer, they actually talk to me, and they act like they give a damn. My cousin is continuously calling my child her godchild, even though I haven’t even picked one yet.