Not trying but kinda trying this month?! 2WW buddies??!


Hi! Ok so this is my first month where I'm charting my ovulation and not preventing pregnancy! 😳😊😱 I got married in December and we've been together 7 years and have never tried to get pregnant. Now that I'm off my aldactone we decided we wouldn't try but wouldn't prevent. I wanted to see where my cycle was and if my apps were correct in predicting ovulation.

I got my positive ovulation test on Thursday February 1st. I'm supposed to get my period starting on the 14th/15th and we did have sex quite a few times this past week. I would be able to find out if we conceived on the 12th/13th? Give or take. Any advice?

Anyone else on this same cycle dates? I want to wait and talk with someone! I can't believe I'm at this point in my life and I'm so excited but extremely terrified to be pregnant at the same time!!