My boss wants me back at work 2 weeks after birth!


I'm a nanny for 4 children, ages 3-8. Currently 34 weeks and working full time. My plan is to work up until I go into labor, even traveling with the family up to 2 weeks before My due date and I'll be working 4 weeks straight without a weekend this month. I'm exhausted!! I just heard that my boss expects me back at work within 2 weeks of giving birth and I feel so defeated. You'd think someone who has had 4 kids would be more sympathetic. She said since I could bring my baby to work it would be like being at home anyways. Excuse me, but taking care of 4 children and doing housework and laundry for 6 people is NOT just like being home. I want to cry. Am I being dramatic? 2 weeks just does not seem like enough time!