Heads all over the place

Hey ladies!

Basically before you here me out please dont judge me I know I’m going to be called a slut or something like that,IM NOT IM JUST A WOMEN WHO DOESNT KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Basically a few months back like spring time I got close with this boy let’s call him Jack,me and jack were really close and we did everything but have sex and I caught feelings for him because I never had anything like it. I thought he liked me too but clearly not when he had a girlfriend at the time so we started arguing loads and I said it’s either me or her and he picked her but he said I couldn’t get on another boy.

OBVIOUSLY FUCKING NOT.End of August time I got close to this boy let’s call him AJ,he was always a friend of mine but he wanted to have a thing when I was with jack and my dumb ass at the time was head over heals for jack so I neve really gave AJ a chance. When I did I realised he’s litro the sweetest boy ever he cared so much and he’s funny and goofy and I can just relate to him.

We have been on and off for ages until a few days ago we said we should stop things because these past weeks nothings been going well.

Also,these past weeks I’ve been meeting up with jack but We never kissed or anything because of AJ. Me and AJ stopped things because now he chooses weed over me.

This week I’ve been getting close to this boy called Harry and he’s honestly so nice and cute and he’s so beautiful honestly,I don’t know if I want Jack or Harry or AJ

I’m sexually fustrated and jack can satisfy me the most,I want harry but I don’t think he wants to be anything more than friends with benifits and I want AJ but he’s just using me WHAT SHOULD I DO