Need advice - Boyfriend has ED


I’ve been dating my boyfriend since last May. We love each other, met each other’s family and have talked about getting married one day, etc. However, ever since we started going out, he was not able to get hard unless I give him a bj. He has never come during intercourse alone and often goes soft while he’s inside me and cannot finish. We have to stop and I have to give him a bj so he can get hard enough to try again but it almost never gets beyond the bj. I’ve never had an orgasm and I’m starting to feel a little resentful.

. I am his first but I have been with other guys before and had relationships. From my experience, this does not seem normal. I have mentioned it to him before (ina respectful manner - not during sexy times). I was worried he may have an underlying health problem - like with his heart. But he just always says he’s healthy and not to worry. But regardless, this has caused a lot of hurt feelings in our relationship, at least on my end. I feel constantly rejected and he’s even jokingly called me a nympho until I told him I found that hurtful. I’m just confused. It’s an amazing relationship in every other area, but I don’t want to start feeling resentful. I’ve considered breaking up with him but he’s such a good person and I love him. He does drink a little beer each night but even with no beer, it’s still a problem. He did recently start a stressful job but this has been going on long before the new job. If we’re already having these kind of problems, I only see it getting worse. But I don’t want to throw away an otherwise great relationship. He is physically affectionate: hugs and kisses me, wants to cuddle and tease me. It’s just when it comes to the bedroom that the problem starts.

We’ve only had successful intercourse one time. So I know it is possible but not sure how in the world to get him to see that this is a problem without being accusing or hurting his feelings. Just not sure what to do.

Anyone have an experience with this?? My boyfriend is 30 and I’m 34.

***TLDR - boyfriend has always had ED but otherwise relationship is great.